Longitudinal Programs

We have two long-term education and treatment programs-- one for diabetes and one for hypertension (high blood pressure). 


There are three visits over the course of nine months. Each visit has a medical appointment to manage your symptoms and connect you with medications you need, but there is also an educational appointment to help learn more about your condition. We will work with you to set goals that fit YOUR life. Between these visits, we will call to check in on any obstacles you face in meeting your goals and help support you even further. 




We also want to help you learn to monitor your condition, so we will provide either a glucometer (diabetes program) or a blood pressure cuff (hypertension program) to learn what trends your body follows. This can help you learn what works for you and what doesn’t.


After completing this program, one patient shared: “The info and education helped me better understand what hypertension is, how to read the numbers when checking it, and how to check my BP using the handy wrist cuff provided by the program. It was also helpful to have Zoe's [health coach’s] guidance and compassion through this process. Thank you so much for listening and understanding, and for providing encouragement and some resources!”


Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been managing your condition for years, we want to support you and help you learn more about diabetes and hypertension so that you can have more control over your health and your life! If you are interested in one of these programs, please fill out this form.

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