COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Are you planning to get the COVID-19 vaccine? Getting this vaccine will help you protect yourself — as well as your friends, family, and community - from COVID-19. Below is important information to keep in mind as you prepare to get your first and second shot.

Who Can Get the Vaccine?


Anyone 40 or older


Anyone with:

  • Obesity

  • Diabetes

  • Cancer

  • Chronic Kidney Disease

  • Chronic Pulmonary Disease

Ohio is in Phase 1E and Phase 2C of the vaccine process. Ohio is not taking patient from earlier phases. Click here for more details on if you qualify for Phase 1E and Phase 2C.

Where Can I Get the Vaccine?

While vaccines are in short supply, there are many places in Franklin County to get the vaccine. Below is a list of all the vaccine sites with their website and phone number. Call or go to a site's website to schedule an appointment.

Ohio State is giving the vaccine to people in certain zip codes that are at least 60. For more information, click here. You can also use the Ohio Coronavirus website for more options for scheduling the vaccine.

Before Your Vaccine

Avoid other vaccines. You should not schedule the COVID-19 vaccine if:

  • you have received a separate vaccine within 14 days

  • if you currently have COVID-19 symptoms.


Avoid Pain-Relievers. Do not take medications like acetaminophen (Tylenol®)  and ibuprofen (Advil®) before getting your shot. These medications may limit the benefits of the vaccine.

Boost Your Immune System. You want to make sure your immune system is healthy before getting the vaccine. To do this:

  • get a full night's sleep

  • eat well

  • drink plenty of water.

Get a ride. Columbus Stand Up is giving free rides to patients. Contact 614-259-7391 or fill out this form 2-7 days before your shot. 

Schedule a Second Shot. There are three vaccines being used: Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson.

  • Moderna requires a second shot one month later

  • Pfizer requires a second shot three weeks later

  • Johnson & Johnson requires only one shot

All are effective, but you cannot choose which vaccine you will get. The vaccines may not protect you until two weeks after your second shot.


Watch Side-Effects. The Covid-19 vaccine may produce side effects. This is a good thing. It means that your body is learning how to respond to the virus. Common side effects include:

  • pain or swelling at the site of the shot

  • fever, chills, and tiredness

  • headache


Here are tips to manage these symptoms. If side-effects are severe or last for more than 48 hours, speak with your doctor. In the rare case of an emergency, call 911. 

Continue to Social Distance. While the vaccines will protect you from coronavirus, they may not prevent you from spreading the disease. To keep those around you safe, wear a mask and follow social distancing guidelines. 

After Your Vaccine

1. Ask

Do you have any questions or concerns? Ask them in this form to have it answered!

2. Research

3. Share

Share this page with your family and friends. Talk about the vaccine and educate those around you. We cannot get through this pandemic until everyone gets the vaccine, and that starts with you!

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