How To Be Seen

Sign-Up and Final List:

Every Thursday morning, a sign-up sheet is posted at 7am outside the building, beside the glass entrance doors on the GARAGE/PARKING LOT level of the Rardin Family Practice. Patients are allowed to sign up throughout the day, and may leave after they sign up to go to work or attend to other business. At 4:30pm, patients must return to the second floor of the clinic. At that time, the coordinators of the clinic take down the sign-up sheet and call the names in order. The clinic takes a different number of patients each week depending on how many physicians we have on staff. If patients are not present at the time when their names are called, they are moved to the bottom of the list. Patients will begin to be seen at 6 pm.

NOTE: If you sign up before 7am, even if there is a list posted, you will not be on the final list. The sign-up process begins at 7am and no earlier.


Once all the open spots have been filled, five additional patients will be called from the sign-up sheet to fill the "waitlist" spots. These patients may or may not be seen depending on the work flow that evening. They must stay until 8:00pm on the day that they are originally called, at which point they will be notified of whether or not they will be seen. If they cannot be seen, they will be given a waitlist pass for the following week. With a waitlist pass, a patient does not have to sign up on the sheet the following week, but must present the pass at 4:30pm to be seen. Patients may not take a waitlist pass immediately once they find out that they are on the waitlist. They must stay until 8:00pm on that day to be seen or get a waitlist pass.